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Catch Up Bookkeeping

If you’re a small business entrepreneur, a startup founder, or maybe an owner of a booming construction company, it could be easy for you to fall behind in your books. You have too many things to juggle and getting your finances in order might be put on the back burner.

Unfortunately, maintaining your books is vital, not only to remain tax compliant, but it is key to keep track of your income and expenses to make sure that your business continues to run efficiently.

If you feel like you’re barely holding up to keep up with bookkeeping, our bookkeepers at miplly are here to help. Whether you’re a few months or years behind, we can help get your books sorted and back on track–fast!

Why is it important to
keep your books current

There are a number of reasons why businesses should maintain their bookkeeping records up to date. One reason would be that financial records that are in order, provide a clear picture of how the business is performing. It allows entrepreneurs to make smart decisions based on real numbers. Other huge benefits for keeping books up to date are:

Tax Compliant​

As you know, bad bookkeeping has a lot of serious consequences, and one of them would be missing tax payments and paperwork, which could lead to even bigger problems and hefty fines. With our catch up bookkeeping services, a bookkeeper will tidy up and get your books tax-ready so you are tax compliant.

Gain Focus

Having proper and up to date financial records, you can identify which products/services bring in revenue and where you lose money. This means you can pinpoint areas in the business you need to keep an eye on.

Peace Of Mind

Knowing that your books need to be on track could be stressful, especially during tax time. But this could be avoided with our catch up bookkeeping services.

Cashflow Management

Do you find yourself lacking cash to settle your obligations when they are due? Poor bookkeeping could be the cause of your problems with cash flow. That’s because when you’re not tracking when and where your cash is going, you might get caught in a situation where you won’t have enough funds to settle your company’s expenses. Having a bookkeeper on your team to regularly update your records will help you better track your payables and receivables. This will also allow you to invoice more efficiently and forecast your cash flow better.

Position Of Growth

There will come a time where your business grows and you will require additional capital. Of course, creditors would need to know your company’s financial position so they know what they’re investing in. But what if your books are a few months behind? With our catch up bookkeeping services, your books are tidied up, accurately categorized and updated quickly, which can help you get the funding needed.

How does catch up
bookkeeping works?


Generally, the first step of getting your books caught up would be to gather all your paperwork for your bookkeeper to review. These documents include credit card statements, payroll, receipts, invoices, and other financial activities your business had over a period of time.


During the process, your bookkeeper will bring your receivables and payables up to date. They will perform bank reconciliations, where your business transactions will be matched with your bank statements.


Once your accounts are in order, your bookkeeper can then provide you with a financial report on where your business is currently positioned.

How much should I pay for catch up bookkeeping?

At Miplly, we will organize and get your books up to date

This is a great start for a solid bookkeeping process. Of course, after having your records updated, you will want to maintain this so as not to fall behind on your books again. This is where our ongoing monthly bookkeeping services come handy for small businesses, startups and construction companies. We even offer a 30-day trial, where we won’t require a credit card and you can cancel anytime.

With a bookkeeper in your team you can

  • Have someone oversee your business’ finances;
  • Leverage their expertise on numbers that you may not possess;
  • Focus on more crucial things that bring growth to your business.

Why choose Miplly for catch
up bookkeeping?

We know how overwhelming it is to have paperwork and bookkeeping tasks that keep piling up every month. Save yourself from the stress and let our team at Miplly support you to get you back on track.

When you work with us, you will be assigned a dedicated bookkeeper to handle your account. In addition, you’ll be working with a team of number-crunchers whose sole purpose is to help you with your books.

Imagine having several experts on your side helping you manage your booksYour life would be easier!

Our bookkeepers are experts in tidying up books so rest assured that they know what they’re doing and that they can get your records updated in no time.

Another great benefit of using our catch up bookkeeping services is the affordability. You only pay for the services that you need and when you need them. We also take pride in providing world-class monthly bookkeeping services at an affordable price.

When your business starts to grow at a fast rate, Miplly can scale with you, ready to deliver whatever financial services you will require.

Bookkeeping can be complicated and tedious as you have so many other things to deal with. Let our team at Miplly help you straighten up your books. Free yourself from the load of doing these activities and put all your focus in more important areas in your business.