We’re a different kind of online bookkeeping company

We’re a team of passionate entrepreneurs on a mission to change the way you view bookkeeping.

Who we are

Before there was Miplly,
we were busy running a successful marketing company.
Over time, we grew frustrated on how our bookkeeping services operated
and treated our books.

After trying out some of the online bookkeeping service companies and the more popular accounting software, we knew that we needed a change.
Some of the issues we had: Complicated software, lack of communication, many errors and high fees to name just a few.

We knew that there had to be a better way to manage our books.

What did we do? In 2018 Miplly was founded.

Our mission

Running your business should be your priority.

Our mission is to keep your books clean and up to date.


We are a team dedicated to be transparent with one another

and with our customers.

Customer Service Focused

We go above and beyond for our customers.

Myths vs. Realities


I don’t need a bookkeeper


You do! To keep your business healthy, someone should always be keeping record of your business’ financial dealings.


I don’t need to keep my receipts.


This is all too important. The more backup you obtain and keep on file for the transactions that are recorded in your company’s books, the stronger case you can make with the IRS, if you were to ever get audited (fingers crossed this never happens). And yes, we keep this backup on file for you.


I don’t need to record all my transactions.


All business transactions should be on the company’s books. This is actually beneficial for you come tax season to capture all tax-deductible expenses, as well as staying within the guidelines of the IRS tax code.


Online bookkeeping isn’t secure


Not true! Miplly’s Online Bookkeeping service offers a secure connection that is built to keep out anyone not welcome. Our highest priority is the privacy and safety of your company and financial information. Every employee goes through a thorough background check.

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