What can we help you with?

Getting Started

What is an orientation call?

An orientation call is pretty much you getting to know your assigned personal bookkeeper and vice versa. After you register for an account, your assigned personal bookkeeper will call you to go over your account, ask a few additional questions and request a few additional things they may need.

How do I get my books over to you?

There are a couple of ways that you can send over your books.
​1) Upon logging into your dashboard, simply use the upload feature to send us your most up-to-date balance sheet and income statement.
​2) If you are using Quickbooks or Xero software to keep your book, simply “invite us as ​ ​an accounting firm” using the email: [email protected] and we will then be able to obtain your balance sheet and income statement to begin keeping your books.
3) If you do not have any financial statements (perhaps using excel), simply email your personal bookkeeper what you have.
If anything, else is needed, your personal bookkeeper will reach out to you.

Can I also send you my bank and credit card statements?

Yes. In order to minimize errors, this will be helpful when we reconcile your books and in case of an IRS audit, we will already have everything on file. You can upload them securely through your dashboard, email them directly to your personal bookkeeper or provide us with a log in so that we can download the statements monthly and not bother you.

Do you process 1099’s?

Yes. While this task is necessary to stay in compliance with IRS guidelines, it can be a task that raises a lot of questions: Should I or shouldn’t I 1099 this or that vendor? No worries, we got your back. We will generate, send out, and file these forms for you.

Do you have an App?

No. We will be releasing an App very soon on the Apple Store.

What if I am super behind on my books, can you still help me?

Yes, we will happily work with you to bring your books up to date even if you’re behind. Simply let your assigned personal bookkeeper know.

Can I connect my bank account or credit cards?

Yes. Upon logging into your dashboard, simply use the “Link Bank Account/Credit Cards” feature and you will be prompted to select the appropriate financial institution.

Can you prepare and send out invoices to my customers?

Yes, if it’s part of the plan you have chosen. Simply send your personal bookkeeper the customer billing information. We will even follow up with your customer on unpaid invoices.

Do you process payroll if I have employees?

Yes. We will prepare weekly, biweekly, monthly, or even sporadic payroll. This will include checks and direct deposits, processing employer tax payments and payroll tax filings, and of course, bookkeeping for the payroll transactions. You’ll no longer have to stress about payroll.

Do you help with entity formation?

Yes. We will prepare the paperwork, send it to you for signature, you send it back, and we do the filing. We’re here to make your life easier.

Do you help with tax filing?

No. While we do not prepare tax returns, we offer tax planning services in which we give you invaluable tips while preparing your books in a way that may limit your tax liability.