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Miplly Dashboard Features

How do I change my personal and business information?

Go to My Profile within your dashboard and you’ll be presented with an option to change your personal profile and your business profile.

How I change my password?

In order to change your password, go to My Profile and you’ll see the option “Change Password” on the right side.

How do I download a report sent by my bookkeeper?

Once you’re logged into your dashboard, go to Reports. Once you’re within the reports page, click the appropriate report that you’re looking to download.

How do I upload a report for my bookkeeper?

Go to Upload on the menu bar and click the Upload button. Click the “add files” button and from there, choose the document you would like to upload for your bookkeeper. Once you’re done with the upload click the button “Start Upload & Send”.

How do I message my bookkeeper?

On your dashboard, simply click the “Send a message” button in order to contact  your bookkeeper. In the near future, you will be able to chat with your bookkeeper in real time.

What do I do if an expense was not correctly categorized?

We do our best to make sure that each expense is correctly categorized, but since we’re real humans, we may miss something, but that’s very unlikely. If you spot an error, simply reach out to your bookkeeper and we will make sure to fix the error right away.